Melbourne First Trimester
International Symposium

Live onsite meeting for Victorian residents.
Virtual / Live streaming is available for interstate, New Zealand and other overseas registrants

Melbourne First Trimester
International Symposium

Melbourne Business School
30-31st March 2024

Melbourne First Trimester
International Symposium


Melbourne First Trimester International Symposium
30-31st March 2024

Join Professor Simon Meagher and colleagues for a two day dynamic interactive workshop addressing screening and diagnosis of first trimester fetal malformation, free fetal DNA analysis, carrier screening and new age genetics. During the two days over 500 video clip sequences of fetal brain, cardiac, facial malformation will be presented in an interactive format. The lecture series will be delivered by experts in first trimester screening and diagnosis and will incorporate the latest developments in prenatal genetic investigations and management

Topics include:

• the international guidelines in clinical practice for the sonographic assessment of the fetal anatomy during the routine 11–14 weeks scan

• the role and limitations of first trimester ultrasound 

• integration of new world genomics with first-trimester ultrasound screening and diagnosis 

• the role of transvaginal ultrasound assessment of the fetal anatomy - normal and abnormal 

• the sonographic assessment of the fetal normal fetal heart during the 11–14 weeks scan

• the step-by-step approach to sectional imaging the normal fetal brain during the first trimester 9-14 weeks. 

• the basic and advanced approaches to sonographic diagnosis of minor and major fetal brain and face malformation

• a practical guide to the use of high frequency transducers and 3D multiplanar evaluation for the fetal anatomy during the first trimester

• building a knowledge set of the common and rare anomaly sequences which can be identified across each trimester

• provide guidelines on how to implement screening strategies for aneuploidy and morphology screening 

• discuss the role of non-invasive prenatal screening and chromosomal microarray

• the role of wide exome sequencing (WES) and wide genomic sequencing (WGS) in 2021

• provide interactive learning supported by iPad drawings 3D graphics and live scanning sessions 

• NIPT - the unusual, inconclusive, sex discordant results and vanishing twins 

• Screening and diagnosis of embryo malformation 6-10 weeks 

• Wide exome sequencing - current and future indications

Certificate Course

Develop your knowledge for first trimester screening and diagnosis by following the certificate program taking place at this symposium. We are pleased to offer certificates of completion* awarded by the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM).

To obtain the certificate of completion for the course delegates will need to fulfil the below conditions:
- Register and pay for the symposium
- Register your interest in the certificate courses BEFORE commencement of the symposium
- Attend all the sessions: participants will need to watch all the sessions to obtain codes; these codes will be requested during the online assessment in order to verify that participants attended all sessions
- Take the online assessment: this will be emailed to participants that have registered their interest and be available until 01 May 2023
- Your online assessment link will be sent via email - please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received it, email for further assistance if required
- Achieve a mark of 70% or more in the scientific multiple choice questions in the online assessment
- You will have one opportunity to take the assessment
- If the above conditions are met, certificates will be issued after 1 June 2023

If you do not wish to participate in the certificate of completion process you will still receive a certificate of attendance via email after 1 June 2023

* Certificates: please note that attendees that meet the above conditions will receive a certificate of completion, not a certificate of competency. Any delegate registered for the symposium can attend the course and receive a certificate of attendance but can only obtain the certificate of completion if they fulfil the above conditions.

** Cost: There is no additional charge for the certificates, but participants must have registered and paid for the symposium.

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Please email us ( with any comments or questions, in particular, what you would like to hear during the first trimester symposium.