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Dublin First Trimester Symposium

11-12 January 2020

The  Dublin first trimester symposium presents a panel of experts who will take you through the A-Z of first-trimester screening for pre-eclampsia and adverse pregnancy outcome. The course will also cover the benefits of  first-trimester reproductive carrier screening, screening for aneuploidy and other more subtle genetic copy number variants, which may present during the prenatal period. The course will also focus on the practical approach to first-trimester screening and diagnosis of embryo and fetal malformation from 7-14 weeks of gestation.

The course has a strong clinical focus addressing the multi-disciplinary approach to counselling and management of a wide variety of fetal malformation sequences across all organ systems.  The availability and role of new technologies  in 2020 including  free fetal DNA analysis, molecular karyotype, expanded carrier screening  and the future role of  exom sequencing in day to day clinical practice will be addressed

The objectives of the course include the following:
* Take an in-depth look at the guidelines and clinical practice for the sonographic assessment of the normal fetus at 11-14 weeks.
* Address the basic and advanced approaches to sonographic diagnosis of minor and major fetal malformation.
* Build a knowledge set of the common and rare anomaly sequences which can be identified during the first trimester - Over 500 sonographic video clip sequences will be presented over the two days.
* Provide guidelines on how to implement new screening strategies for aneuploidy, preeclampsia and fetal malformation.
* Discuss the role of non-invasive prenatal screening, banded karyotype, microarray and exom sequencing in the current era.
* Provide interactive learning supported by on line teaching cases.


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    The National Maternity Hospital, popularly known as Holles Street Hospital, is the largest maternity hospital in Ireland. The hospital is located at the eastern corner of Merrion Square, at its junction with Holles Street and Lower Mount Street in Dublin.
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    Host City

    Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland, is on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. Its historic buildings include Dublin Castle, dating to the 13th century, and imposing St Patrick’s Cathedral, founded in 1191.
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